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Smart Generation Real Estate commits to our profession as Licensed Real Estate Agents to serve the local community as their one-stop real estate service provider. 

The points of difference of Smart Generation Real Estate are highlighted as follows:

    We are committed to provide you with the best real estate services and making the process as seamlessly as possible.  

    We commit to dedicate the same sales specialist to your property and been accountable to you.  Our sales specialist will follow through the selling process, from planning the marketing programme to completion at settlement.

   Our sales specialists are experienced sales persons, and are Licensed Real Estate Agents. Their extensive local knowledge together with their commitment and dedication make them very valuable to our Vendors.

   Our marketing media domain.com.au provides a high profile internet property marketing.  It is an excellent resource in marketing properties.  Majority of new generation buyers do search their target properties using the Internet. And domain.com.au is the Internet site on top of their search list, in some cases it is their only preference site.

   We focus on our on-line marketing resources domain.com.au and our company website smartgeneration.com.au which will be developed as a premium website to meet our buyers needs.

Summary of our points of difference:

1.   You are important to us.  We customize our process to suit every individual customer.  We are customer focused, result and service oriented.

2.   Most powerful on-line marketing  resources at domain.com.au.

3.   Committed and dedicated Sales Specialist to market your property.

4.   Actively sell your property not passively. Our business philosophy is to strive for the best result for our clients.  Most of the time, this is the driving force to make a sale happen.

5.   Access to the Asian buyers market, which is the most important buyers group of the local property market that you would not want to miss out.  All our sales staff are very experienced.  We can speak various Chinese dialects and English very fluently.

6.   Buyers Contact database   We provide this valuable asset for our vendors and buyers.  As soon as a property is listed with us, we will immediately search our database for potential buyers and contact them direct to arrange for inspection. 

7.   Independently owned and operated.  We are a new generation of the real estate service provider who has no restriction to provide the best service to our clients.  We are not bound and restricted to top-down policies and procedures as other franchise office may have.